Souls Saved and Money Raised

It was such a blessing to be a part of the New Life Baptist Church Vacation Bible School. The children had a great time learning about the awesome power of God through Bible stories, puppets, game times, and crafts. We had a special time each day to share what God is doing in South Sudan! The children brought money daily for a penny offering and all money raised will be used to build an additional classroom for our secondary school. The children raised $500 so we can build a classroom for our senior three students. If God burdens your heart for this project, we could use additional funds to build this classroom for our senior three students. The best part of VBS was seven children asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior! Praise The Lord!

What does it take?

Every Church we go to we pray that we would see someone come to know Christ and for more surrender to the mission field. On the fourth of July at Temple Baptist in Monett, MO, we had a great conversation with one of the church members. After the service a young man came to us and asked, “What does it take to be a missionary?” We shared with him that it takes a willing heart, and we encouraged him to start in his own church, serving in the church and getting plugged into ministry. This came full circle at the end of the month when we were asked to be part of a BBFI 938 podcast. We talked about how God can’t move a parked car, meaning get plugged in, get involved, and God will direct. Will you join us in praying for more laborers? Whether it be 9:38 in the morning or evening we can pray at that time that more would surrender to the mission field.

South Sudan Update

We are happy to share that in the past two weeks 3 people have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior! This is so exciting to hear that the church is reaching out to their neighbors and those who come to the church in order to find out where they are spiritually. Please pray for Mori and Peter as they continue to share the gospel with those around them. The Manna feeding program has opened up once again, the children are now able to receive a hot meal along with a bible message daily! The school has opened as well. The students have completed their examinations and are now working hard every day. The Wednesday morning chapel services are going on now too. Please pray for these children and students who weekly get a chance to hear about the love of Jesus and how they can accept Him as Savior.
Temple Baptist Church in Monett, MO on the fourth of July


True Life Baptist Church Universal City, TX


Lincoln and Levi at our display table at Grace Baptist Temple in San Antonio


Vacation Bible School at New Life Baptist Church in Willard, MO


Kids who got saved on Tuesday night at VBS!

Scheduling Churches

Right now, we are scheduling churches for the Fall, Winter, and Spring. We would love to present the need in South Sudan at your church! If you would like to schedule us to come share our ministry, please call us at 417-824-0898 or e-mail us at


Prayer Requests

  • More to surrender to missions
  • The gospel would be presented and more would be saved
  • Mori and Peter
  • God would allow us to raise our support as soon as possible