Our Field


A Brand New Country

After decades of war, the South Sudanese people won their independence from the Sudan in 2011, making South Sudan one of the newest countries in the world. Even though they gained their independence, South Sudan still faces political unrest, domestic fighting, and constant change. The people long for peace, but their greatest need is peace with God.

A Poverty-Stricken Country

The aftermath of war has left South Sudan one of the poorest countries in the world. The average household of 6 lives on less than $2 per day. Drought, clean water, starvation and disease are just some of the daily struggles of the South Sudanese people. As dire as the economic poverty is, Spiritual poverty has left these people desperate, without hope, and without peace with God.
Consider these Statistics:
South Sudan is a country of 11 million souls
97% without access to a Gospel preaching church
Poverty and the lack of technology make it almost impossible to have a clear picture of the progress of the Gospel in the capital city of Juba. It has been estimated that there are only 3 or 4 Baptist churches to reach nearly half a million people.

A Ready Country

The government of South Sudan recognizes their desperate need for help. Because of this, they are not only open to missionaries, but they are excited to have missionaries come! The government gave land to veteran missionaries, Ron and Christine Enoch, with the understanding that they would use it to help the South Sudanese people. They have started several outreaches and have planted the Bible Baptist Church of South Sudan, the church we will serve in, on this land! More than that, the government is eager to do the same thing again and again in order to build a better future for the South Sudanese. We are excited about the huge opportunity this brings for sharing the Gospel.

Our Direction


What is our vision?

  • Lead the South Sudanese people to Christ.
  • Baptize and disciple new believers, and see them actively serving in their local church.
  • Plant local churches throughout South Sudan that are self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating, led by national pastors.

Where will we start?

  • We will serve in Bible Baptist Church located in Juba the capital city of South Sudan.
  • We will begin Language studies with the goal of preaching and teaching in Juba Arabic.
  • We will continue to develop and strengthen relationships with the Sudanese people and government officials.

What is our plan?

  • While serving in the ministry at Bible Baptist Church we will be training nationals so that they can plant new churches in Juba and around the country.
  • As we minister in the community we will constantly be on the look out for new areas where we can plant new Churches.
  • Our desire is to train nationals who come to Juba for work to be able to take the Gospel back home to their village.

Our Story



I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was in college.

In 2004, in chapel at Baptist Bible College, a play was presented about the life of missionary of Bob Hughes. God used that play to work in my heart, and I surrendered my life to be a missionary.

I was raised at Cherry Street Baptist Church, where I’ve had the opportunity to serve in youth and adult Sunday School classes, and many other ministries . During our church’s missions conference in 2017, I was introduced to the field of South Sudan, and the great need for the Gospel. After much prayer, my wife Chelsea and I surrendered to be missionaries to South Sudan.

During our internship at Cherry Street Baptist Church we were able to visit South Sudan. We had the privilege to serve along side the people of Bible Baptist Church of South Sudan and learn from them during our time there. We cannot wait to continue the work that the Enoch’s have started in South Sudan, and we know the Lord will continue to do great things!


I was born into a family who modeled how to keep Christ the center of my life. During a Vacation Bible School in 1998 I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.

In 2011, I had the opportunity to serve with missionaries on a Navajo reservation. Serving there helped me see that people in other cultures do not always grow up hearing the name of Jesus and what He did for each of us. It was then that the Lord began to tug on my heart about overseas missions. During my senior year of college, during my church’s missions conference, I went forward and surrendered my life to be a full-time missionary.

When Levi and I were engaged to be married we began to pray together about the mission field in which God was calling us to go. In 2017 the Lord burdened our hearts for the people of South Sudan. While serving 6months of our internship in Kenya and South Sudan, as we saw the great spiritual need and had conversations with the South Sudanese people, the Lord confirmed our calling to the country. We are excited to raise our support so that we can go back to reach, teach, and minister to the South Sudanese people!

Our Experience



Internship Experience Sending Church, 6 months

Led a Missionary Sent Team
Taught Elementary Sunday School
Served in Bus Ministry
Volunteered in VBS
Volunteered in Good News Club

On the Field (Kenya/S. Sudan), 6 months

Saw 8 receive Christ and baptized 10 new believers
Preached at evangelistic outreaches and on our compound
Taught Adult Sunday School
Shared testimony at Nairobi Bible Baptist College
Led one-on-one discipleship

Service Experience at Cherry Street Baptist Church 2003-2020

Served as a Deacon
Led a Missionary Sent Team
Taught Middle School Sunday School
Taught High School Sunday School
Taught Elementary Sunday School
Volunteered in Missions Conference
Volunteered in RU Addictions Program
Served in Bus Ministry
Volunteered in VBS
Participated in GROW Visitation
Served as a Middle School/High School Camp Counselor


Internship Experience Sending Church, 6 months

Taught Sunday School
Participated in Choir
Participated in Orchestra
Served in Nursery
Volunteered in VBS

On the Field (Kenya/S. Sudan), 6 months

Taught Children’s Sunday School
Shared testimony in multiple churches
Mentored a Bible College student in weekly Sunday School lesson preparation
Ministered to the kids at Rehema Orphanage on a weekly basis

Service Experience at Cherry Street Baptist Church 2010-2020

Participated in Choir
Participated in Orchestra
Led a College and Career Care Group
Taught Middle School Sunday School
Taught High School Sunday School
Taught Elementary Sunday School
Participated in GROW Visitation
Volunteered in Missions Conference
Volunteered in RU Addictions Program
Volunteered in VBS
Served as a Middle School/High School Camp Counselor


It is a great joy to be the Wilsons’ pastor. Their hearts for the ministry will serve them well as missionaries in the country of South Sudan. We have watched them grow both spiritually and experientially as students, as part of our leadership team, and now as missionaries. We are excited to recommend Levi & Chelsea Wilson for your consideration for support.



It is my pleasure to recommend to you Levi and Chelsea Wilson as our new BBFI missionaries to South Sudan. The need in South Sudan is actually a desperate situation, therefore we must do all we can to help the Wilsons get to South Sudan as soon as possible!



I would like to give my full recommendation for Levi and Chelsea Wilson, as I have known them for several years. I believe that they will prove to be a wonderful blessing as they work for the Lord among the South Sudanese people.



We whole-heartedly commend Levi and Chelsea Wilson to every Missions minded Church. If your desire is to make an impact for Christ in a dark and difficult corner of the world, then take this opportunity and support this courageous and committed couple.



We have known Levi nearly his whole life. We served together at Cherry Street Baptist Church. We recently had the opportunity to be their training hosts during their internship here in Nairobi, Kenya and Juba South Sudan. We whole-heartedly encourage you to support them financially and in prayer as they endeavor to reach souls for Christ and plant indigenous churches in South Sudan.



Levi and Chelsea Wilson believe in God’s plan to use God’s people to preach the Gospel to every person on the planet. Before his call to ministry, Levi regularly shared the Gospel with people he came in contact with. He led several co-workers to the Lord. Levi and Chelsea now believe God’s plan for them is to share the Gospel with the people of South Sudan. I have had the privilege of spending time with Levi and Chelsea, and I know they will work hard on the mission field.



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