Our 2022 is off to a great start! We enjoyed time at home, presented in some local churches, spent time in Florida, and now we are in Ohio. In all things we can rejoice! Our Lord is with us and guiding every step of the way.

Can I tell you about Jesus?

While in Florida we stopped at a beach for an hour before we went to our Wednesday night church. Chelsea had put together a picnic meal and thought we would enjoy the view, take a little walk, then head to church. When we sat to eat, we noticed there was a couple next to us. I didn’t have a gospel tract on me like normal and we didn’t have time to walk back to the car and return to the beach with one. A little disappointed, we went back to the car and packed up, when an older gentleman walked to our car and said, “Can I tell you about Jesus?” We got to share with him our salvation testimony and he shared the same. What was so neat about this was he was heading to the beach with his gospel tracts ready to share the gospel. Even though we were not able, our co-laborer in Christ was. We are part of a team, and everyone needs to take part for God’s work to be accomplished.

Reaching Out

As we were heading from Florida to Ohio, we made a lunch stop and walked around outside to stretch our legs. We greeted three men in the parking lot and gave them each a gospel tract, then continued to walk. As we made another lap around the lot we decided to go see if they wanted to know more about the gospel. Kevin was the only one still there. He told us his car broke down and he was 5 hours from home. He was working on getting a job at the local gas station to pay for the repairs so he could make it home. He said he really missed his church, as he had not been able to go for 5 weeks. He shared his salvation testimony, baptism, and showed us his Bible. We prayed with Kevin that he would be able to make it home soon and be a light to the homeless men he had been encountering daily. Kevin was thankful for our time of fellowship saying, “It was not a coincidence that you came and talked with me, God knew I needed this.” How are you taking steps to reach out to those around you today?

South Sudan Update

We are so grateful to the churches who have contributed to our school building project in South Sudan. When the school began in January of 2019, every student was in year one. In August of 2021 year 3 began, but now there is not enough room for our students to have a classroom. Therefore, our year 3 students are in a metal shed while we are working to raise money for more classrooms. In August of 2022 our year 4 will begin. The school is growing, but now we need to accommodate for this growth. So far, we have received $53,200 for this building project from various churches. Our goal is to raise at least $125,000. Can you help us with this need? Our school is a great tool to reach the youth with the gospel. At least 6 students this past year and 3 teachers have come to know Jesus because of the school.

Prayer Requests

●More Gospel conversations, souls saved, and individuals surrender to missions.
●Our South Sudan team: Ron, Christine, Saada, Mori, and Peter.
●Kevin as he works to get home and be a light where he’s at.
● A Shipping container and company to ship with as we are leaving in May!
Levi and Kevin. Please pray that he shares the gospel with those around him, and that he can make it home soon!
Some of the churches we were able to be in this month
This is the 4th grade class at First Coast Baptist in Jacksonville, FL. They were being recognized because they raised $1,600 for missions. Wow!!
Scheduling Churches
Right now, we are scheduling churches for the Winter and Spring. We would love to present the need in South Sudan at your church! If you would like to schedule us to come share our ministry, please call us at 417-824-0898 or e-mail us at wilsons2southsudan@gmail.com.