A Wonderful Blessing

We are so happy to share that our sweet baby boy was born on April 8th at 6:08pm. Chelsea and Lincoln had a healthy and safe delivery. Our baby boy has been so good for us, he sleeps well, and is growing daily! We are also happy to share that Mori and Betty, members of our team in South Sudan, just had a baby boy, as well. Loime Jethro was born 5 days before Lincoln Gregory. What a special blessing that these boys will be able to grow up together in South Sudan! Thank you to all who prayed for Lincoln and Chelsea, God’s hand was upon them throughout the whole delivery process.


Home Missions

While we are home in Springfield, Missouri Chelsea and I are visiting local churches. Some of these churches have asked us to come back and present our burden for the gospel in South Sudan. We recently were able to present at Bible Baptist Church in Springfield and they were such a blessing to our family. Little Lincoln was quiet for the whole service while we presented. The church loved on us, prayed for us, and was a great encouragement to us.

We would ask you to pray for our neighbors in Springfield, while home we are doing our best to make friends with the neighbors and continue to seek opportunities to share the gospel with them. Our little street consists of about 12 houses with over 18 children in this one area.


Levi preaching at Bible Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri


South Sudan Update

Recently we found out that the South Sudan schools will reopen May 3rd! This is wonderful news because, hopefully, this means the restrictions will continue to be lifted. Please pray with us that the government will use wisdom in this situation and do what is best for the country.


Scheduling Churches

Right now, we are scheduling churches for the Fall and Winter. We would love to present the need for the gospel in South Sudan at your church! If you would like to schedule us to come share our ministry, please call us at 417-824-0898 or e-mail us at wilsons2southsudan@gmail.com.



Prayer Requests

  • Continued health for Chelsea, Betty, Lincoln, and Loime
  • Our Springfield neighbors
  •  South Sudan
  • Mori and Peter
  •  God would continue to provide opportunities to share South Sudan in churches


Lincoln Gregory Wilson


Loime Jethro


Loime with mom (Betty) and dad (Mori)


Lincoln finally arrived!