What a fun time we have had at mission conferences this month! It was a blessing to see old friends and make new ones during these conferences. The love and encouragement we have felt over this past month has been so special.

Can you show me the way?

This past month Chelsea and I had the awesome opportunity to lead three individuals to Christ! David was attending a church we visited in Germantown, Ohio. I asked him when he got saved, and he responded with, “I don’t think I have done that yet.” We went on to have a conversation about the awesome saving power of Jesus and he got saved! One night when we stopped for dinner, we saw a young lady sitting by herself. We knew we wanted to pay for her meal. When we were getting ready to leave Chelsea walked over to her and said that we paid for her meal because we have been blessed and wanted to bless her. She gave her a tract and asked if she knew Jesus? Eveleen said I don’t know how. Chelsea asked if she could sit down and show her. We are happy to tell you Eveleen prayed and accepted Jesus that night! Lastly, Joe was staying at our hotel. I asked him about the weather and the conversation turned into sharing the gospel with this man who was struggling with life, and now knows the great comforter. Please pray for these individuals. Pray that David is faithful in church, that Eveleen will get plugged into a good church, Joe would learn to trust God with all that life throws at him, and that they all grow in their relationship with God.

Exciting News

We are happy to share that our plan is to leave in May for our first term in South Sudan! We will finish up our last missions conference the first week in April after that we will be home to pack, finalize all paperwork/ visa requirements, and spend time with family. We have good news for all who prayed for a shipping container! We have found a company who will provide a container, pack it, and ship it to our door in South Sudan. This is a huge answer to prayer! Please pray for us as we are taking this big move one day at a time, trusting God along the way, and cherishing time with family and friends before we leave.

South Sudan Update

The feeding program is serving 100 children daily and the High School is educating 73 students in the classroom as well as in our weekly chapel services. Our team is moving forward with our school building project! We are making bricks, and planning to make new desks and benches by next month. We will also be hiring 3 new teachers. Please pray with us that the Lord will bring the right teachers to us! Continue to pray for Mori and Peter as they are doing their best to keep the ministry going in South Sudan.

Prayer Requests

  • David, Eveleen, and Joe
  • Mori and Peter in South Sudan
  • Saada, Ron, and Christine in USA
  • Preparation for moving day

David got saved!

Eveleen got saved!

Joe got saved!

Mori was able to send us a picture of the kids at the feeding center.

The Awana kids at Bible Baptist in Buffalo, MO are doing a penny offering to raise money for our second school building!

Some of the churches we were able to be in this month

Lincoln made some friends at one of our mission conferences. 🙂